Comparing Different Search Engines

Comparing Different Search Engines

Search engines are the ones which keeps the web moving. They provide the results to the web users as per whatever keywords they are searching for. Searching engines are available in the form of the crawler based ones and also the ones with directories that are human powered. They gather the listing based on two different methods and so they have got different names and the functioning is also entirely different. Here are the best search engines and the characteristics of them. It is good for you to find out the ones who are having the finest details related with them.



Google is the best search engine that is available till date on internet. It has got the first place and has got the first place with just 45 percentage more than Bing. Google also is there in such research that there are radical changes that you can find in Google which makes searching much more simpler stuff. They also make use of researches on many other fields too. They have got much dominance in the search engine market for mobile and tablets. They have conquered the web with their powerful wings of research and related stuffs. For the best SEO agency in Florida it would be wise to check out Smart Spider who can take care of all your digital marketing needs.


Bing is a search engine that is developed by Microsoft and this was made for challenging Google in the whole area of the search. They have done enough and more in this area but still they could not convince the users that they can provide with finest results compared to what Google provides. This search engine is there in the market and they are trying to grab the attention of the visitors towards them but the amount of significance that this search engine gets is much less compared to Google. It can really provide much better and good results and the algorithm is further getting improved.



Yahoo is a popular email provider but they also have a search engine Yahoo has come under Bing from October 2011. Yahoo has got a very good name and also role among the email providers. As per the reports that are available it has got third place related with search. Yahoo has really got a better place in the market of search engines too. was formerly called as Ask jeeves and it does have more than 3 percentage of search share. It is mainly on the question or answer format in which most of the questions get answers from many of the users or are as polls. It is even available as general search functionality but the results that one get from it lack much quality compared to what you get from the top 3 search engines.

AOL is there in the list of top search engines that are there in the market as it is very much close with 0.6 percentage. There are many popular websites included in AOL network like huffingtonpost. Engagdget,com etc. It does have a place of it’s own in the market of search engines. For Online Marketing Florida, take a look at the Linked in Page of Smart Spider.

Website Page SEO Checklist

Website Page SEO Checklist

When you want to optimize your website, it is important to have a website SEO checklist. SEO checklist is simply a guide of things that will help you get maximum returns for the time and effort committed in your SEO. Complying with this checklist is a sure way of improving your rankings by the search engines such as Google. Here is a close look at SEO components that you should in mind for the good results.

Website Page SEO ChecklistKeywords

These are the words or phrases people use to search in the web. Use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords that maybe worth targeting. You can also use browse related searches to get what the clients are searching in the web. Narrow down the keyword list using the competition tool to eliminate overly competitive keywords that are not worth pursuing. Chose target keywords by filtering out the overly competitive and irrelevant keywords. Place the keywords on the Meta description, page tittles, page’s main heading and on the page’s body content.

Page title 

Title tag is a key element of on-page optimization. Title tag can be set for products, collections, pages and blog posts. The title will appear on the search engine as a clickable link. The content of a title tag is utilized by the search engines to determine what the page entails. It should be readable and should not be a jumble of keywords. For it to be displayed by the search engines, it should contain a maximum of 70 characters. Always create eye catching title that will interest the reader.

Meta description

Meta description is a brief text that shows up on the search engines after the title tag. It can be set for your home page or other pages, collections or blog posts. Keep the description under 155 characters and make it attractive to motivate viewers to click through.

Heading tags

Proper utilization of heading tags will let search engines know what your webpage entails. Ensure you’ve at least one H1 tag which is related to your topic, on the other headings use different styles like H2, H3 and H4. Header tag hierarchy starts with the most important H1 which contain the website core keyword to the least important H6.

Types of page links

External links points at the external domains. Getting the external links is a must for high rankings. They are hard metrics to manipulate and thus help search engines determine popularity of your web page.

Internal links lead to pages on the same website. The optimal format should be a pyramid to increase the ranking potential of every page. The pyramid format makes the search engines understand the link.

Anchor text

This is text is very important since it links to your store. It’s very critical to ask people to link directly to your website using your main keywords or your store name. In case you need to change the anchor text, check at the backlink profile to reach out webmasters or authors because they are the only ones who can change the anchor text that link to your content.

Image descriptions & Alt text

Search engines can easily read the words and content of your site. However, normally search engines find it difficult to read and process the content of the images. The file name of the image and the alt text are in turn used to give a description of the content of the picture. Have a descriptive alt text on your product images to help them show up when people search for related image alt text.

SEO checklist strategies are easy to follow; they will increase website traffic from each piece of content that you publish. For new websites, proper SEO will ensure your web site is easily accessible to the visitors since it will rank higher in the search engines.

Top SEO Tips for A Beginner

Top SEO Tips for A Beginner

Search Engine Optimization focuses on growing the visibility of your website in non-paid or organic search engine results. It incorporates both technical and creative elements that improve drive traffic, rankings and awareness in the search engines. The following is a close look at SEO tips for a beginner that will help you improve the rankings of your web pages.

Page titles & description: This is a very critical aspect of SEO. Each page ought to have a unique page title that describes its content. The title needs to be descriptive, brief and should help the user understand what the page entails. The home page should list the name of the business/ website, business’s physical location and its main focus. Description gives the search engines a summary of what the page is all about. It should give a unique description of the pages and products of your website

Top SEO Tips Permanent link structure: Permanent link structure describes the format of the URLS for the pages and the individual posts in a website. For optimization, make the URLs easy and simple to understand for the users and search engines. Avoid URLs which are lengthy with information that is unnecessary. Ensure you don’t change the name of your domain. The age of the domain plays a major role of the site’s ranking.

Breadcrumb and internal links: Ensure all the internal pages have a set of links at the top of the page to aid in navigation. Internal links on the other hand links a page to other pages in the website. The links should be easily understood by the users and the search engines. They help the users to navigate the site better.

Page speed: Page speed has been used by many search engines as a ranking factor. Speed optimization provides the searcher with accurate and precise results very fast. To optimize the speed, remove any java script or unnecessary plug-ins from the pages, use a caching service and optimize image sizes.

User sitemap: This is the list of all the pages and posts of your website. For SEO you need two types of sitemaps; an XML sitemap to submit to search engines and an HTML sitemap to help your visitors find content easier. Placing a link to the user sitemap from the main menu helps in improving navigation.

Seo CycleContent: A website with original and high quality content does well with SEO. Your content should be in line with the title. It should be free from typos, grammar and selling mistakes. You can include references from reputable research and studies to authenticate your content where appropriate.

Frequent website update: Sites with fresh and dynamic content always rank higher than sites whose content is static. This explains the reason why directories and blogs do well in search engines. Fresh content is also an incentive for visitors returning to the site. It also enhances the chances for search engine bots to crawl and visit the web site more often.

Webmaster tools: Search engines have webmaster tools where you register and submit your website for indexing. Good webmaster tools will help rank your site highly since they tell the search engines about your site. This helps you get feedback of the number of pages indexed and notifies you about potential problems that may resist prevent other websites from crawling into the content of your website.

In a nutshell, SEO simply is a matter of ensuring your site is structured in manner that search engines will easily understand your content. With the above tips, you will be assured of a proper understanding of SEO optimization that will certainly result to higher search engine rankings.

6 Ways of Researching Keywords for SEO Campaigns

6 Ways of Researching Keywords for SEO Campaigns

Keywords play a very critical role in SEO. Utilizing the right keywords enhances web traffic and ranking while wrong keywords will adversely affect your conversions. Although keywords are primarily used for AdWords, they are placed in websites, social media updates and in blog posts. Embedding the right keywords in a professional manner without spamming and stuffing will automatically improve your website ranking. There are various tips that you can use to generate specific keywords for your website. The following is a quick look at ways of creating new SEO keywords.

6 Ways of Researching Keywords for SEO CampaignsSearch engines: Type in the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) into the search engine and see the kind of results that automatically appear as you type. The drop down will display the most popular phrases based on the word or phrase you entered. Using this technique, the search engine will provide you with new keyword phrases that people are already searching. Alternatively, you can scroll down to” Searches Related To” section at the bottom of the page. This section displays searches related to your search and can be very useful when looking for new keywords.

6 Ways of Researching Keywords Webmaster tools: Google provides numerous tools to help online marketers analyze rankings and performance. Their Webmaster Tools contain a section specifically made for keyword data. You will see how the keywords that are performing on your website so as to determine whether they are performing optimally.

AuthorityLabs: AuthorityLabs is a significant tool that can help you bridge the gap between keyword search and ranking. It will help you discover new keywords including the annoying Not-Provided keywords. It focuses on pages and keyword that have traction in the engines. You can add these keywords to your web site to help you rank higher in your SEO efforts.

Break your Business into topics: Breaking down the business in a list of topics and their inter-connections helps narrow down to the exact and precise keyword. Once you have the list of the main topic ideas, break down further to sub-topics and then the categories for every section. This will help you come with keywords that are specific from the basic topic ideas.

Take the customer’s perspective: It is widely accepted that customers possess more knowledge than those in the business. Viewing the business in the customer’s perspective will give you better ideas of creating new keyword phrases. Answer the following questions to come up with an idea of the best keywords;

  • What are the most frequently questions asked about the business?
  • What language or slang is mostly used by the customers?
  • What specific product do the customers need?

Taking a closer look of your business at the customer’s point of view will be helpful in creating new keyword phrases that you hadn’t thought about before.

Describe your business: Describing the business environment, goals, services and products offered can help you come with different keywords. Create your business description in the least number of words, read through the notes that you have taken to pick specific keywords that describe your business. Select more general words and test them so as to settle for keywords with the best results. Try to focus on the long-tail keyword instead of the broad keywords.

In creating new keywords, ensure they are relevant to your content to avoid misleading visitors. Be specific to the company’s services and products to optimize results. Don’t just focus on having keywords that the search engines will find easily. Try to focus more on phrases that will make your business visible even to people who don’t know your product names.

Seo Agency Review

Seo Agency Review

ShootScope is one of Liverpool and UK’s best SEO agencies. It is a highly respected internet marketing agency that has helped many businesses change the way they listen, speak and share online to maximize profits. The agency helps company owners implement the best strategies to promote their websites.

Seo Agency ReviewSEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways of online marketing because it allows people to drive traffic to their websites easily. With SEO, website ranking on search engines like Google improves so much and businesses gain huge benefits from the SEO campaigns.


ShootScope helps in building an online experience for businesses from scratch. They create SEO campaigns, websites and logos. Setting up an online brand from the beginning can be a daunting task, but ShootScope’s team of expert developers make it hassle-free for you. They provide amazing package deals, especially when many services are ordered at once and they are always happy to advise and discuss the various options with clients.


ShootScope offers their services to a diverse portfolio globally increasing conversion rates and sales. Its digital marketing is put into packages with varying costs. The packages include;

  • Free trial package which has no hidden fees
  • Small business package which is ideal for start-ups, small businesses and bloggers
  • Enterprise package which is ideal for the big companies whose aim is to reach massive audiences.

SEO Campaigns 

SEO campaigns represent very efficient online marketing strategies. The company carries its campaigns properly to boost the online presence and visibility of their clients. This is one of the main reasons why ShootScope Company is highly recommended for anyone owning a business online. As the best SEO Company Liverpool, ShootScope’s SEO strategies are ideal for those who wish to promote their websites and increase their brand awareness online.

Through proper SEO campaigns, ShootScope helps business owners enjoy all the benefits of high rankings by search engines making it possible to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. Businesses should take advantage of the great opportunities presented by ShootScope. Having been rated as Liverpool’s number one SEO Company, ShootScope delivers excellent results. It constantly adapts and improves its methods in order to keep clients ranking on top of search engines to keep their businesses growing.

Reliable Team of Developers

ShootScope’s team of developers utilizes effective content strategies for various companies and they have a proven track of record in increasing the rankings on the search engine. They build good relationships through mutual trust and integrity with their developers’ team, business partners and clients. They also observe persistence and transparency in all their activities. Their specialists deliver outstanding results through their combination of vast experience and creative ideas.

Events by ShootScope

Some of the remarkable events that ShootScope has previously had include, releasing its first iOS app, establishing London headquarters, and raising five million pounds to set up a new platform for social optimization meant for the next generation’s online marketing.

ShootScope helps in building helpful and long-lasting relationships with the targeted market by engaging them in social media. They specialize in areas like search engine optimization, marketing through use of emails and social media marketing through Facebook and other social networking sites. ShootScope’s digital marketing service is the best since it is customizable to match different clients. Try them today and for real, you will not regret.

Hottest SEO Trends of 2016

Hottest SEO Trends of 2016

In today’s world, SEO has become a mash up of PR, content marketing, mobile and social media. For your business to become successful in the organic search, you need to ensure your SEO efforts are in line with the upcoming SEO trends. Always check and adhere to the current SEO trends to realize growth and maintain search visibility. Some of the hottest SEO trends in 2016 that you should bear in mind include:

Hottest SEO Trends of 2016Search goes social: In the times ahead, content from social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will tend to gain more importance on SERPS. Search is not going to be restricted to Bing, Yahoo or Google. Already about 76% of the marketers are using social media to boost and support SEO. It is predicted that more content will be indexed by the popular search engines which will automatically blur the lines between the social media’ and web’ in SEO strategies.

Video and other interactive content: Over time videos have provided a great platform for keeping the audience entertained and engaged. Videos dominance is likely to be enhanced due to the rise of video applications like Vine, Snapchat, Flipagram and Periscope. This will enhance the availability of real-time video and better streaming. Online interactive infographics, quizzes and polls will definitely generate more engagement and interaction from the users.

Voice search: Voice search is taking the world by storm due to its convenience and safety especially while multitasking. It is becoming prominent because it is taking the pain of typing phrases and keywords to run search queries. This popularity has been spurred by advanced voice responsive assistants like Cortana, Siri and Google Now. Voice search is growing every day, and SEO efforts are being optimized for search queries.

Mobile dominance: In year 2015, mobile search inched its way over and above the laptop and desktop searches. It is projected that both organic and paid traffic will be generated from smartphones and tablets than other media. Mobile optimization will be the rule rather than exception. Try to change the manner you create and conceptualize SEO so as to suit mobile searches.

Creative keywords and their related phrases: The introduction of the Hummingbird update has led to an era of rigorous semantic search. With the rise of mobile, social and voice search makes it even more important. This will become more dominant in the coming years as Google tries to give the same answer to searches that ask similar question even when using different set of keywords. This will give a new meaning especially to broad and long-tail keywords hence the need to create rich, user-centric and integrated content.

Real–time Penguin update: Any material under the Penguin purview is going to be impacted immediately upon its identification by Google. If links are disavowed, the Penguin algorithm will automatically process the request immediately. This means that the speed of implementing SEO tasks will be more important in 2016.

Content aggregation: Statistics show that people will be looking for all the relevant information about a topic or subject in one place. This content aggregation will form a practical way of organizing, finding, presenting, consolidating and displaying content to appeal to the target in a pre-set criterion.

Artificial intelligence: Google intends to optimize artificial intelligence to refine the organic search results. Google has spent enormous resources to acquire AI platforms underlying speech, translation, video and search. It is with this major SEO trend that artificial intelligence is projected to heavily impact on search.

It is crucial for digital marketers and businesses to understand the hottest SEO trends of 2016. These trends and developments will affect search engine rankings. As a digital marketer, you need to be on the lookout and brace yourself for the expected SEO changes so to maintain high rankings.