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Do You Really Need To Get Your Blocked Drains Cleaned?

Do You Really Need To Get Your Blocked Drains Cleaned?

Blocked drains come in all shapes and forms, and they don’t always cause an immediate disaster such as overflowing sinks and toilets.

Partial blockages can just cause everything to run more slowly, causing inconvenience rather than immediate chaos.

Nevertheless, regardless of how badly your drains are blocked it’s always essential to get them cleaned. Here’s a look at just why you should always call in an expert such as C&C Drainage rather than wait.



If your drains have been less than perfect for some time, you may well be inclined to think that you won’t suffer any dramatic effects. However, it doesn’t take much for the blockage to quickly accumulate and before you know it you could be facing a full-blown disaster.

The rate at which you hurtle towards a nightmare scenario depends on how much you use your drains, and the volume of water flushed through them.

When there’s a blockage, the water from your sinks and toilet won’t be able to flow away and will slowly build up in the pipes. Eventually when it’s full to capacity, this waste water will back up into your house, spilling over.

It could also leak out into your garden too, and the surrounding ground may be unable to absorb such large quantities of water, particularly if it’s already sodden through rainfall, or hard and arid due to a heatwave.

Identifying structural problems

Sometimes the cause of a blocked drain is nothing to do with anything that’s being done in the home, but instead being triggered by external factors such as tree roots.

Unless you get your drains cleaned you won’t find out that there’s a potentially serious blockage until it’s too late, and more expensive repairs are required. Getting your drains cleaned regularly won’t just keep everything flowing smoothly, it could also save you money in the long run.



Ignoring blocked drains can lead to a whole host of other problems which can be difficult to reverse and treat once they arise.

Blockages can often lead to leaking pipes, which creates an excess of moisture in and around your home. You might notice damp and mould appearing but focusing your attention on this without addressing the underlying problem is a lost cause.

In the very worst cases, blocked drains and burst pipes can lead to subsidence due to the soil shifting and softening below the foundations of the house.

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To learn more about the importance of getting blocked drains cleaned, take a look at Expert professionals, CC Drainage can help you to keep your drains cleaned and protect your property in the meantime.